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Empowering the New Black Wall Street

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Join us to launch the new Barter Black® platform, a cornerstone of the New Black Wall Street, where ambition and technology converge. We are launching this crowdbartering campaign as a way to get the help we need to relaunch new Barter Black® platform. Your contributions help build more than a platform—they will ignite a community

set to soar together.

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What is Crowdbartering?

Welcome to the Future of Entrepreneurship. While crowdfunding seeks monetary contributions to fund a project, crowdbartering focuses on direct exchanges of value. Crowdbartering is an innovative exchange model where businesses and individuals contribute goods and services, bypassing traditional monetary transactions. It's about harnessing the collective power of communities — friends, family, customers, and fellow entrepreneurs — to meet the needs of starting and growing businesses. We’re using this crowdbartering campaign as a way to for the community to help us relaunch.

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Why Crowdbartering?

Evolving Together Towards a Brighter Future. Our journey through an innovative incubator program revealed a clear path forward: removing the barrier of exchange for exchange barter relationships to a game-changing ecosystem that runs off of our new digital currency; Barter Bucks℠. This shift isn’t just a change in operations—it’s a call to action for our community.

We’re changing our model to empower every member through indirect exchanges. Meaning you can barter on our new platform and not need what the other has in return. But to achieve this, we need more than belief; we need your skills and services. Instead of monetary support, we invite you to be a cornerstone of this new platform by contributing what you do best.

This isn’t just about building a platform; it’s about creating a legacy of collective prosperity. Join us in laying the groundwork for a marketplace that values your contributions and catalyzes growth for Black entrepreneurs everywhere. Together, let’s turn vision for the new Barter Black® into reality!

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Barter Black®

Platform Evolution



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Tiffany now has 750 Barter Bucks℠ in her account and uses 550 BB with Amber to style her for an event

Daniel purchases a coaching session from Tiffany for 750 Barter Bucks℠

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On the new platform, direct exchanges aren't necessary. If someone has what you need, you can use Barter Bucks to obtain goods and services, eliminating the need of direct exchanges.

Amber has already been doing jobs and with the 550BB she received from Tiffany, she can now purchase web development from Jasmine for 1,250 BB

Leah needs a videographer for a project she was hired for so she purchases a 6 hour videography session with Daniel for 1,250 BB

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Bryan really needs to take new photos for his website so he purchases a small photoshoot from Leah for 750 BB

Jasmine needs contracts for her web development clients, so purchases this from Bryan for 350 BB

Current Platform

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The existing platform limits successful bartering to instances where Jordn and Eric have to directly want what each other offers, reducing the likelihood of a successful exchange.

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How Crowdbartering Works!

Simple Steps to Empowerment


Offer What You Can: Tell us how you can contribute to the new Barter Black®, whether it’s web development, marketing expertise, or legal counsel. Every skill helps build our community.


Earn Rewards: In exchange for your contributions, you'll receive rewards, incentives AND Barter Bucks℠, our digital currency, that can be used immediately after the platform launches!


Invest in Growth: Use your Barter Bucks℠ to access services essential for your business's growth, breaking down traditional barriers to success.

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Rewards & Incentives

Our rewards system is designed to acknowledge and show appreciation for your contributions, offering incentives that grow with your level of involvement.

Tier 1

Less Than $500

Tier 2

$501 - $1,500

Tier 3

$1,501 - $3,000

Tier 4

$3,001 - $5,000

Tier 5


Barter Bucks℠

10% of Value

15% of Value

20% of Value

25% of Value

30% of Value

Early Access

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Founding Member Badge

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No Activation Fee

No Activation and

Monthly Fees for 1 Year

No Activation and

Monthly Fees for 2 Years

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership + 25% Less Service Fee

Featured Offers

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

Targeted Emails



Exclusive Referral Bonus

20% More

25% More

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How to Participate

Participating in the crowdbartering campaign to rebuild Barter Black® is straightforward, but every contribution is pivotal. Here’s how you can be a part of this transformative journey:

  1. Fill Out the Contribution Form: Share with us what goods or services you can offer to the rebuild.
  2. Await Our Review: Once you’ve submitted your form, our team will carefully review your offer.
  3. Schedule a Discussion: After reviewing your submission, we’ll contact you to arrange a call.
  4. Collaborate and Rebuild: We’ll work together to integrate your contributions into the rebuilding process.

Submit Your Contribution

Timeline and Milestones

Campaign Launch

April 1, 2024

Reward Distribution

June 1 - August 31, 2024

4 timeline or step or process

Contribution Window

April 1 - June 30, 2024

Official Platform



Q: Can anyone participate in the crowdbartering campaign?

A: Yes, we welcome contributions from anyone who believes in our mission and has goods or services to offer. Our platform thrives on the diversity and strength of our community.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum contribution requirement?

A: There are no minimum or maximum contribution limits. We value every contribution, regardless of size, as it brings us one step closer to our collective goal.

Q: What can I offer in a crowdbartering campaign?

A: You can offer any good or service that can be valuable to the building and growth of the new platform—ranging from campaign graphics, legal counsel, marketing services and more. Anything needed to start a business is needed.


Q: What do I receive for contributing to the crowdbartering campaign?

A: Contributors receive Barter Bucks℠, a digital currency that will be used within the new platform, along with other incentives such as lifetime memberships, early access to features, and recognition within the community.

Q: How can I use my Barter Bucks℠?

A: Barter Bucks℠ can be used on the new platform to access various services offered by other members. So if you need a new website, you will be able to go online a purchase that service using your Barter Bucks℠.

Q: Can I still donate financially?

A: Yes. We understand that not everyone has the ability to donate resources. Also, relaunching the new platform requires a lot of technical development. For these reasons, you can donate financially using this link - DONATE TODAY!

Q: How can I join the mailing list to get updates about the launch?

A: Subscribe to our mailing list HERE. We will be happy to keep you updated about what is next.

Q: How does someone who does not contribute earn Barter Bucks℠?

A: Easy answer - by doing something for someone else! If someone purchases your services on our platform, you will be credited Barter Bucks℠ into your account once the job is complete to be used with anyone in the network.

Q: What is the current Barter Black® website?

A: You can view our current website at Stay tuned to all of our updates.

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Join the Movement

Be Part of the Renaissance

Your skills, services, and resources have the power to shape the future of Black entrepreneurship. Join the Barter Black® crowdbartering campaign today and be part of building the New Black Wall Street, where every exchange elevates us all.

Nicole J. Murphy

Founder & CEO, Barter Black®

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